Free Checking Accounts

City Gate Bank provides our members with a wide variety of free personal checking accounts designed to ensure our members can quickly and easily manage their finances. And, with so many checking account features, including free debit cards, online banking, and checking overdraft protection, our members will have everything they need to pursue financial success.

Whether you are saving up for a holiday or simply putting some money away each month, a savings account can be a useful tool to keep the money safe and gain interest. For longer term saving you might want to consider making some investments as an alternative, which could mean you earn more from your money. If you’re weighing up the options you can learn more here before you decide which might be the right choice for you.

Savings and Investments


Convenience. Simplicity. Service

At City Gate Bank, we’re committed to all three. We want to make sure you have everything you need to achieve your financial goals. 
To meet the financial needs of each individual, we offer a variety of Personal Banking Services.

At The City Gate Bank International Bank Limited (CGB), personal banking is just that: personal.

Our community-based approach allows us to offer best-in-class service.

Our products and services are structured to satisfy your day-to-day banking needs. We give you the personal attention you deserve,

whether it's online, on the phone, or in person.



Here are just some of the Personal Banking services we offer:


City Gate Bank Visa® credit cards are better than the competition. It’s that simple. From our low, non-variable interest rates to our rewards program and card customization options, you’ll find the right personal credit card option for your lifestyle.

Personal Visa® Credit Cards


Insurance Products

Protecting your family and your assets has never been easier than with life insurance policies and car insurance options from Republic Bank. Our insurance packages can be customized to your unique needs to help ensure that your family is in good hands no matter what.